Saturday, February 04, 2006

State of the What???

"Yet many Americans, especially parents, still have deep concerns about the direction of our culture, and the health of our most basic institutions. They are concerned about unethical conduct by public officials, and discouraged by activist courts that try to redefine marriage."



Anonymous said...

Well, there are people in this country who believe that gays should not be "married". Some people also believe that children raised in gay households are being denied the benefit of a moral upbringing. The slow destruction of the family is grossly contributing to the decline of this country. Now we are starting on people when they are babies.
It is not "ok".

Laura said...

Actually, my point was how he related that to the JACK ABRAMOFF SCANDAL. Not gay marriage. Quite frankly, I don't care if 2 men or 2 women or 1 guy and 15 women get married. It's not my life, nor does it affect mine - and the bunk about it not allowing children to have a moral upbringing is just that: bunk. What about all of the children from messed up, immoral straight families? Straight or gay, there are moral and immoral people, and I know some gay individuals with more kindness towards others than any straight person that I know.

Anonymous said...

Pfft, riiight cause it's so much better for those kids to rot in foster care and orphanges. Frankly, I think having two loving parental figures means more to a kid than whether or not they have a mom and a dad. Straight marriages have produced fucked up people anyways. I say, if there are 2 PEOPLE out there who want to give a loving home to a child, let them. I'm more concerned about the unneeded genocide of baby girls in asian countries due to over population and cultural beliefs.

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