Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Not a surprise...

Dems won the House, probably going to take the Senate. Republican's have mesed around, suffered through scandal, and screwed themselves over. And then they're shocked that they have lost control of Congress? Let's see... the Republican Revolution promised us smaller government, getting rid of the DOE, and a stronger defense. What have they given us? HUGE government and gov't spending, NCLB, and a weakened defense thanks to the newfound friend Iran has in Iraq's shaky new government that we helped establish.

At least Rumsfield's stepping down. Occasionally being a team player and not being bullheaded won't kill a person. "Listen to Colin Powell? Former Chairman of the JCS? NO! He knows NOTHING!"

Makes sense to me. Good riddance, pompous ass. Let's get someone who has a modicum of common sense to fix what could have been a winnable war, eh?


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