Monday, June 23, 2008

Hossa is being pimped by his agent worse than Chelsea Clinton.

I swear, I have not heard more rumors surround one player... Hoss is possibly being shopped (by himself... and his agent who is by all accounts a tool) to:

  • Boston
  • Montreal
  • Chicago (ugh)
  • Detroit (double ugh)
  • Outer Mongolia
  • Back to Atlanta
Honestly, he has a better chance with the second to last one than coming back here to roost. Over at Puck Daddy, they have an interesting perspective on it: this is Hossa's last long-term deal signing chance. Why not want to get one that's a lock for a good chunk of change so he can wind up getting paid more than he's worth when he's 35. He played with Holik and Zhitnik - he probably saw what a sweet deal they were getting and figured "Crap, why not?"

Understandably, Penguins fans are about as thrilled with Hossa as we were before he went to them. Hoss isn't a team loyalty player - he's not Yzerman, for heaven's sake. His first team screwed him over, so he's probably a little jaded. I would like to see our top all-time scorer meander back to Atlanta to go walk his dog at Peidmont Park. Not going to happen. I respect Hossa and understand his POV, but I wish he'd realize that money is nice, but teams change. About the only team listed above who has a chance at the Cup and who WILL WIN IT in the next 7 years is Detroit. If he wants cash and bling, go there.


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