Saturday, June 21, 2008

I Love Anthony Bourdain

I found this brilliant review of FoodTV stars while wandering around, but here are two of my new favorite quotes:

On Sandra Lee: "Charles Manson and Betty Crocker's love child. She gets that glassy Squeaky Fromme look when she's talking about her tablescapes. I want to call security." --God, how true

On Nigella Lawson: "I love Nigella, tearing off hunks of fatty pork. I was at dinner with Nigella and a bunch of guys, and we were all trying to out-macho each other, like 'I've eaten a live cobra heart!' Nigella has been rubbing her lips and says, 'When I was in Spain, they aborted a pig for me and roasted the fetus. Soooo good." --I bet THAT shut the guys up.


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