Saturday, June 21, 2008

News & Such

Flood's getting worse... but I like what the mayor of Louisiana, Missouri (yeah, I know) said:

"That's one thing about Midwesterners. We're resilient as hell."

I like him - he cusses AND he's right.

Cindy McCain is starting to say that the families of the candidates should be off limits. Yes, I know that she inherited a HUGE A-B distributorship and is loaded, which makes her evil to the Democrats (who apparently have forgotten about that ketchup thing) who are trying to pick her apart. But that's all the Dems have on her... do you really want looking at Michele Obama to be off limits? Right now Mrs. McCain is in Vietnam working for Smile Train charities, who repair cleft palates and the like. The child from Bangladesh she and Sen. McCain adopted had to have a similar operation.

And Mrs. Obama does WHAT for charity?

Awesomely, as she's saying one thing, she's doing another and calling out Obama on his lack of patriotism. Well, duh.

Oh, yes, and while we're on the topic of Barry "Hope Bong" Obama, he's decided to decline the public financing given to presidential candidates. He is the first since it was established in 1976 to do this. The concept of public financing is that each candidate gets a set amount of money (in this year, $83 million) with which to work. That way, neither outstrips the other in spending and it is a level playing field. Of course, Obama wants to play by his own rules (see removing Clinton's name off the ballot at the DNC, basically removing her accomplishments from party record) and use his own money, which is more than twice what McCain has.

Obama says it's because he doesn't want special interests to govern his campaign. Special interest groups do NOT have a hand in this - it is PUBLIC MONEY given by taxpayers voluntarily when they submit their Federal tax returns. What in the HELL does that have to do with SICs? Obama wants to use money from those groups and individuals, therefore he has elected to use the funds he has already, which were given by SICs and PACs. McCain will pretty much HAVE to do the same thing to make the playing field even remotely fair, even though he's called Obama out on breaking a promise by doing this.

Finally, apparently communism is alive and well in America. House Dems want to nationalize private oil refineries to lower gas prices. Yes, because the government is all about improving quality and lowering cost. No, wait... that's the free market. My bad.

Today's national stupidity quotient went up by 5%. And people are worried about global warming...


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