Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Day 2.

Sean Avery is out of the East (YAY) and out west to Dallas.

The Pens team from last year is falling apart... too many free agents... Conklin to Detroit... Ruutu to Ottawa... HOSSA TO DETROIT. 1 year, $7.4 million.

He says it's about the championship... he says it's about the money... he says it's about stability... he could have had all of that in Pittsburgh. Could have stayed with Crosby and Malkin. Could have been a star - the Pens fans love(d) him.

Now he's another cog on the Wings' championship machine. And if he hasn't noticed, they don't win every year.

I am not happy with the way that Detroit and Chicago are beefing up. The Blues have lost Ryan Johnson to Vancouver, who were apparently on a mission to get at least ONE of their players. Other than that, no improvements to the roster yet. I *am* happy about Mason.

Atlanta has NOTHING. We offered a new contract to Eric Boulton, who will probably take it. We haven't done anything else... haven't even announced Kari re-signing. There are still people out there (heck, the Pens are giving away Free Candy), but I don't feel well. Maybe it's just the hamburger I had for lunch.

Oooooohhh, Brian Campbell apologized. Per HockeyBuzz:

Brian Campbell's Classy Move..."
I just got the Campbell Story, and this is NOT rumour, this is FACT.

It really came down to Atlanta and Chicago. The deals were very comparable. Brian sat down with his family to decide. He chose Chicago, but out of respect he did something that is NEVER done, and should be.

When a team puts all that money on the table it is a huge compliment. It is a big deal, even if they don't spend it, for a team to make an offer that is that huge, What usually happens is the agent will call the teams that aren't chosen to inform you, if you are lucky.

Brian Campbell personally called the Thrashers and thanked them. A small gesture maybe, but it goes a long way.


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