Sunday, July 06, 2008

Look, someone said something NICE about us.

From Hainsey another piece of Atlanta's blue line upgrade.

I know the fact that we just signed the guy probably persuaded him to say some nice stuff, but apparently he had a choice, and he chose us.

Thanks, Ron!

"There were a few teams I was considering and I went over my options for two days, but, in the end, felt coach (John) Anderson’s style would suit me best," Hainsey told "Atlanta has some good, young players and the more I looked into the team, the more excited I got."

The 27-year-old defenseman is looking forward to putting his maneuverability to good use in Atlanta.

"I wasn’t given the green light as much in Columbus, but realize that could change in Atlanta,’’ he said. "I'm excited to have an opportunity to rush the puck, in addition to playing sound defense in our end."


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