Thursday, July 03, 2008

Peace out, Rex.

Knobler over at the AJC, and also at Taking Note:

Asked if there was any chance he would return to Atlanta, Recchi replied: “Uhhh . . . no.”
Recchi said he and Rick Curran, his agent of 22 years, have heard from “a couple of teams, which is really all you need. So it’s been good.”
A deal could have been done, he added, but “I’m a little bit picky at this point, too.”
“At some point,” Recchi continued, “there would probably be more teams but I don’t want to be on a bad team again. I know what my role is now and I want to be on a good team that has a chance. I want to help out leadership-wise.”
Besides, he said with a laugh, “I’m not really a priority.”

Thanks, Rex. We saved you from the AHL and made you Alternate Captain at the end of the year, and we get "" I know we were horrible last year, but this year will be different. Cut us some slack.


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