Friday, September 26, 2008

Thrash at Blues.

Wish I could live-blog, but seeing as how I'm not currently in StL, that would be difficult. No TV or radio from either market, but the Blueland Blog will have a live-blog going tonight. Per that site, the Thrash lines are this:

Stuart- White- Thorburn
Sterling- Esposito- Armstrong
Boulton- Holzapfel- Machacek
LaVallee- Little- Hoffman

Hainsey- Lewis
Oystrick- Rivers
Valabik- Exelby

Hedberg (Starting?)

He doesn't have the lines for the Blues up, but he does have the roster:

Brewer, Jackman, Tkachuk, Kariya, McDonald, Stempniak, McClement, King, Boyes, Woywitka, Porter, Backes, Wagner, Pietrangelo, Perron, Berglund, Strachan, Oshie

It looks like the Bluenotes are putting the big boys out against the Baby Birds. It looks as though the Blues have already made their roster cuts and know, for the most part, who will be the team this year - the Thrash are still experimenting with lines, etc. This isn't going to be an easy game for the Thrashers.

I love and hate these games... I always feel like I have such a conflict of interest... thank God my 2 favorite teams are in different Conferences. I can't stomach this more than 3 times a year.

That being said... Go Blues!


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