Saturday, October 11, 2008


I'm not even going to pretend to be able to write a decent game recap. There are other people who are far better than I am at that... but Bryan Little,'s #1 star of the night for last night, deserved it. Jeebus... 2 goals, one assist, fantastic play on the 2nd line wing... amazing. 7-4. People aren't giving us credit... oh, it was a loss by the Caps, not a win by the Thrashers. Whatev. All I know is that last night was the most fun I've had at a Thrashers game in a LONG time. My hands were numb, my throat hurt, and I couldn't get to sleep. Perfect. Our new guys were great, we maintained poessession of the puck, Kozlov's back (!), Kari denied Ovy on a penalty shot... praise God, hockey's back, and we might just have the stuff this year.

On the other side of the Mississippi, the Blues nailed the Preds 5-2, going 4 for 6 on the PP. The new kids were fast, Nashville showed its holes, and Manny was pretty tight. StL Game Time has a great recap up that probably summarizes what everyone is thinking - "Holy Crap, Could the Blues Be Good?" I said it during the preseason and I'll repeat that now. Hell YES.

I am beyond tired of everyone hating on the Blues and Thrashers before the freaking year even started... I really hope that both teams can keep this up (and considering that next up are the Isles and Panthers, respectively, this shouldn't be a problem) so that the damned naysayers can stop saying nay. I want to see the power rankings in a couple of weeks.

I'll be at Highlands Grill tonight having a beer or 2, ignoring my friends, and multitasking while watching the Blues and Thrasers kick ass. I'm fine with this.

Thrash Game Recap Video:

Blues Game Recap Video:

When I can get it to work, it'll be up.

Also, the Thrashers have a really cool new wiki up that the team's PR org has imagined. I gotta admit, that this is really kinda nice... it solidifies the familial feeling amongst all the Thrashers fans... that, and the fact that there really are so many of us.


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