Friday, November 14, 2008

Changes in St. Louis

Petro has been sent down to Juniors... sad to see him go, but the kid has alot of potential, and I feel really really good knowing he's in the system.

And for the city in general, sad day. The deal's done. In-Bev's taking over AB to the tune of $52 billion.

As someone from St. Louis who knows all the good that AB has done over the years for that city, words really can't describe how I feel about this. It's not just a brewery, it's an icon. "Here Comes the King" is our 7th Inning Stretch Song (and if they could stop playing it at Thrashers games except for the Blues game on the 30th, I'd dig it - Clydesdales don't do well on ice) Like the beer or not, you can't deny the traditions surrounding it, and you can't deny how much a part of the city it is. It kills me to see this great American business disappear like so many others... but probably more so because it's always been a part of my past and a constant presence - gotta dig the Busch Stadium street sign in my classroom.

I really REALLY hope that they don't close Grant's Farm.


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