Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Ok, I'd heard that McKee had a hurt finger and needed surgery to fix it, which was going to leave him out for 4-6 weeks. I DIDN'T know that he had to have the tip of the finger sewed back on at Scottrade before he went to the ER. There's a distinct possibility he could lose his whole left ring finger.

From the News Democrat

"He was about seven or eight feet away from me, so I got the full brunt of the shot," McKee said Friday. "I was going into position to block the shot and I kind of had my left hand opened up in a lane to block it."

The inside of a player's heavily padded glove offers little in the way of protection -- exactly the area where Cammalleri's shot struck McKee.

His left ring finger took the full extent of the damage.

"All that was really protecting it was a millimeter of leather," said McKee, who is expected to miss four to six weeks. "The puck actually split my glove where it hit me in the finger. It certainly didn't look much like a finger when I took my glove off."

Lord. Here's hoping that they can save the finger... there's a better chance of that than the Blues saving the season - we lost, 4-1.


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