Monday, January 12, 2009

Casino Night was a huge success

I'm too broke (cheap) to go, but the 9th Annual Atlanta Thrashers Casino Night was last night, and from all accounts I've heard was a blast. It raised over $1 million for the Atlanta Thrashers Foundation through ticket sales, a silent auction, and player basket raffles. Kovy's new jersey with the Captain's C on it went for $3,000 by itself. A lot of people hem and haw about how awful the team is this year and such, but I don't want their contributions to the community to go unnoticed. Thanks, guys! Please check out the photo gallery from the official Thrasher's website, or some personal photos here on the boards. I'm not a puck bunny by any means (quite obviously), but some of the photos are very easy on the eyes. Hey, PR department - can you dump the "Become One With the Blue Crew" (yes, seriously - that's what the title is) segments and do some up close and personal cheesecake segments with the boys? Just a suggestion for the women who are running out of snide comments and who don't care to stare at any boobs but the ones skating around with the puck.


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