Monday, January 19, 2009

How Hard DO WE ROCK???

Please tell me that you saw the Blues game today. Please. I was at the Gladiators' game so I missed most of it, but I do subscribe to the ESPN text messages. I was annoyed when the Bruins scored first. Happy when we scored. Annoyed when they scored again. Happy when we did... REALLY aggravated that we fell behind 4-2. I figured, though "Hey, it's the Bruins. No shame there."

And then David Perron happened. At 18:40. Shot from the point that Tim Thomas didn't even dream about happening. Now we're down by 1.

Four-tenths of a second left, and David Backes decides to play cricket with the puck. 4-4. Reviewed... no high stick... goal counts. GOAL COUNTS.

We make it through OT, then Teej and Boyes nail the Bruins' coffin shut in the SO. We did the same thing to the Bs and we did to the Sharks. Believe me, it feels good. We might be in last place (barely, now), but we've got 40 points and we've beaten the 2 best teams in the league. Misunderestimate us at our own risk.

Don't believe such awesomeness is possible from the Notes? Game summary, baby.

Still not a believer? It's all kinds of on film.


The Falconer said...

Just found your blog for the first time. I added you to my blog roll over at bird watchers. Welcome aboard to the ATL blogger community!

Laura said...

LOL - thank you! It's ok if I'm slightly bi-polar with the teams, right? :)

BTW, I love your blog - for someone who hates stats, I enjoy reading it a ton.

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