Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Neeeeeeeeeeeew lines!

It's funny - I was having the "who's the wing?" conversation with my BF last night, and I told him "I bet it's Army, so Kovy has some sort of 'defense' and so Peverley has someone to keep him from getting knocked off of the puck." I must have ESPN. Per Knobler, from the AJC:


I'm confused at Perrin not sitting instead of EC. Christensen's picked it up recently and is more deserving of some chances than Perrin is. Williams sitting is fantastic.

Bogosian's back, so what D sits? And after the egg he laid in Sunrise, does Kari get a chance to redeem himself? Apparently we're rewarding bad play (a la Perrin), so I'm sure he'll be in.

FYI - in the comments section Knobler mentions that Pev'll be wearing 47 instead of his usual 37. Good to see he and the org had the class to pull that off. 37 needs to hang from the rafters and be given a retirement.


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