Saturday, January 17, 2009

Peverly FTW!

Anywho, I realize that we haven't gotten a hold of the 2nd coming of Savard, but he's as close as we have gotten to a center for Kovy since Walt. Kovy's first goal was due to a drop pass from Pevs, who promptly went FOR THE NET (!), causing the Leafs defenders to follow him and leave a lot of space open for Captain K.

Kovy's 2nd goal? Indescribable maneuver my Pevs. Drew Toskala out of the goal, passed to Kovy, and then whammo.

Of course, the GWG goal in OT was amazing. Straight to the net with Kovy and the puck following, and Ian White and Schenn went for Kovy, who passed the puck to Pevs, which led to probably the most amazing goal I've seen out of a Thrasher not named Little all year.

He has one more year left on his contract at $500K, and then he's a UFA. Seeing as what's going on so far is a big to do, and since DW mentioned last night that he was going to trade for Pevs earlier in the season, I wouldn't be shocked to see him re-signed in July.

Please to see the game re-cap from TSN for the highlights
. Very VERY good stuff. Also, the Thrash have a cool "Five Questions" feature up on the guy. Here's to him lighting the Preds up. If they go down, and the Blues nail the Hawks (which I shall also be watching - multitasking, yay!), we'll be able to crawl closer to some sort of not basement.


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