Friday, January 23, 2009

Some sunshine amongst the clouds.

From Rawhide's blog today:

The offensive production paints a slightly better story. The Thrashers are scoring goals at a rate of 2.96 per game…that’s 10th best league-wide and 6th best in the east. Currently, they have a power play that scores goals 20.0% of the time, which that is good enough for the #12 spot in the NHL and 5th in the east. This helps offset the humble 27.8 S/G stat that ranks but 26th in the NHL, tied with Phoenix and Edmonton.

So, basically, our D needs to still work on not allowing so many SOG, the goalies need to work on not allowing so many goals... but our O's better than some playoff teams? Part of me smiles, and part of me wants to bang my head on my laptop.

But it's an Apple, so I won't.

Oh, wait - the D is improving too?

Zach Bogosian’s return from injury has been a boost to the blueline. He’s a +6 since finishing his rehab in Chicago and has netted his first two goals of his NHL career as well as his first pair of assists.

Mathieu Schneider is a +2 for the calendar year so far…including a +7 over his last three games. I know, I know…I rubbed my eyes too when I saw that.

Ron Hainsey is a +2 in CY2009. This is very good news after his -10 December. He seems to be playing more like he was toward the start of the season.

We won't make the playoffs, but I'll take any sort of improvement I can get.


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