Wednesday, January 21, 2009

There are always the Blues...

Well, at least the night ended on a good note... Blues shut out the Hawks 2-0. The Blues this year are 3-0-1 against the Blackhawks, and have nabbed 7 of 8 possible points in our last 4 games. Mason had a great night stopping 18 shots (the Hawks only had 9 in their 1st 2 periods), and Woy and Boyes were responsible for the goals. Good, good stuff. We've got 42 points... one win and one Preds loss away from not being in the basement any more... one win and one Preds and Kings loss away from being in 13th.

We don't deserve to be the last in the West. We play an excellent game with more heart than anyone else in the league. Don't believe me? McKee lost his stick, has his finger that he almsost lost, and then tries to lay on the puck risking a stick to the eye just to slow down play.

We give it everything we have, and we deserve better. BTW, our record would be good for 11th in the East considering how few games we've played compared to everyone else (45). We are part of a damned hard conference.


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