Thursday, February 19, 2009


The Blues proved last night that they really don't seem to be clutch when it counts, which is a hallmark of a playoff team. A win would have tied us with the Preds and pushed us into 12th. We rally back after a first period of not showing up, and get within 1 (and a couple of times LITERALLY have the puck dropped in front of Steve Mason with no one there to tap it in)... and can't convert.

A win tonight could put us in the same position, and Nashville just got killed by the Red Wings (poor Suter... getting beaten up by Hossa) last night, so there is hope. Just not a ton. My main goal is that we save face as a team and not finish in the cellar... we're not basement dwellers like the Isles, and we need to prove that.

Speaking of basement dwellers, the Thrashers have a chance for a 5th straight road win on this improbably 2-0 so far West Coast vacation tonight when they hope to give the 'Yotes their 7th straight home loss. Ahh, yes, the battle of the teams who have weak ownership and who don't have faith in the security of the franchise. This should be brilliant.

Let's see if Kovy can net a few more. He has about 15 to go before he catches AO. He can do it. Or, at least, he can nail 40 goals this season and make up for the slow start. Note to Kovy - have more babies.


KR said...

No, don't have more babies! Ahh! I think his slump in the beginning of this season may have been due to his wife's pregnancy. Maybe a little sympathetic morning sickness, no?

Laura said...

It's funny you mention that - I have a video I show my students with some nutty guy and woman, and he gets sympathy morning sickness. It's very disturbing, and he kids totally rag on him. Completely.

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