Friday, February 06, 2009

Manny on Waivers

Excuse me as I fall out of my chair.


Hold on... I need to regroup... so we're putting a goalie who is a UFA on WAIVERS when we could trade him?? What? And are we going to bring up Bishop? I like the kid - he's gonna be GOOD - but he's not 100% ready yet, and Mason's been so streaky off and on this year. I don't think that this is really the best decision for the team as a whole.

One year removed from the ASG, and then this? Manny's been in an emotional funk since Mason's picked up, and he's been hurt about 3 times this year. I don't particularly think that this is fair.

Come to think of it, the thought of Manny on another team or with the Rivermen just kind of makes me sad and a little pissed off.

Bishop's out, so we're calling up Chris Holt. God freaking help us if Mason goes back to the way he was at the beginning of the year.

I agree with Legace:

"It's extremely tough," Legace said this morning. "You play your heart out for a team, and the minute you hit a little bit of a rough patch, they dump on you.

"It was very hard to hear."

It's ok, li'l guy. I'm sure that a lot of fans agree. If we're really pushing for the playoffs we need the best we can get - we have that for right now, but what of down the road?

EDIT: As of 12:00 CST, Manny went unclaimed... he'll be reporting to the Rivermen.


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