Monday, February 02, 2009

The Return of Ron Burgandy.

X is clear to go, probably for Friday night's game at home against NJ. Glad to see him back, but we're getting quite the log jam at D. Stop worrying about replacing NHL 3rd liners with AHL 1st liners (Stuart and Motzko for EC), and start trying to figure out what we're going to do at D. From what Knobler said, Boris has a future. X is back. Oyster is probably our 7.

That leaves our 2 UFAs out in the cold... are we going to NOT play Oyster and Boris for a month? We can't sit MS and Havelid. This whole situation has been setting up for a while... DW acquired a few AHL defensemen recently. Cut the UFAs.

Also from Knob, probable lines for tomorrow?



Stuart-Reasoner-Armstrong (Christensen)



Wayne said...

If it weren't for expansion, Exelby would be playing a damn beer league...

Wayne said...

Let's stop kidding ourselves (or letting Waddell kid us: ain't no one on this current D crew gonna win a Norris trophy anytime soon...

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