Saturday, February 14, 2009

Take THAT, Blackhawks.

Dude, Andy Mac, you just came back. Take it easy, huh?

Mason is the only Blues goalie to shut them out twice in the same year with our 1-0 win last night. It really was a battle of the goaltenders, but the better (well, in my biased opinion) one won. Mason stopped 22 shots to help us be 4-0-1 against the resurgent "OMFG THEY'RE AWESOME!!!!!111!!!!" Chicago team that the whole league drools over.

Yes, they used to suck. Yes, their owner who recently died killed the fan base by not allowing them on TV. But I can't help but think that some of these people who are all about them are bandwagon fans, who took 10 years off of the team while they sucked and have just now rediscovered them. You know, the ones who own 2 jerseys - Chelios and Kane. I can't say that I know a single Blues fan who has dropped the team like that, even over the past 4 years where we have been rebuilding, and doing quite well at that thank you. There's been a team here since 1993 and the golden days of the Golden Brett, but I can't say the same for the Blackhawks.

And, in case no one's noticed, we're not in last place. Sadly, the wins we should have had over Vancouver and Nashville (which I am still upset about, and we'll be kicking ourselves later on) would have given us 56 points instead of the 53 that we have now, which'd be good for 11th place instead of our current 14th. There's still time left, though, and I'm amazed that we're in the playoff hunt. Proof positive that intelligent drafting, cultivating talent from within, and a great ownership group can turn a team around.

I would ask if the Atlanta Spirit is paying attention, but they have a lawsuit to settle. BTW, this was the Blues 20th sellout this year. How many have the Thrashers managed? Hell, how many have the Thrashers managed to actually get more than 10,000 INTO THE ARENA? 3?


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