Saturday, February 07, 2009

Why do I go to these things?

This's cross posted on the boards over at the Thrash site... last night's embarassing loss to the Devils is getting too much for a lot of posters to take, and while I'll continue to go to these things, well...

Like Argent said, we pretty much agreed that we go because we like hockey. I just wish that my favorite team was here more often than once or twice every couple of years, because THAT was one of the few games at Philips where I had a freaking blast... being the "other guy," being on the glass to see Walt's 1000th point... being there to see them win. It was awesome. The Blues game and the season opener are my 2 favs this season, and one of them I was cheering against the Thrash. There's no reason that I should have 2 games this season that I've enjoyed.

I don't know if I'll be getting tickets next season or not... I probably will, b/c hockey's my hobby and I love every aspect of it, not just the Thrashers. I also love the fun of being in the arena... the arena food, the opening video, the puck drop... but the video sucks this year, stuff's falling apart inside (I got a hold of a broken sink last night that belched out brown water). The food, well... the food's still the best stadium food in Atlanta, so yaaaaaay, food staff!

The giveaways suck, there's no incentive to purchase more expensive seats (and def. none to spend the money on goodies in the club sections). I appreciate the $1 concessions, but that's not going to make my time that much more enjoyable. Going to games here makes me even more damn homesick than I usually am - the giveaways for the Blues (as I have pointed out before) are miles ahead of ours, the STH perks are amazing, the glass seats and club seats are all inclusive (including food AND BEER) and come with free parking. Oh, and the product on the ice is superior and a blast to watch.

The owners care, the GM cares, the coach cares, and the team cares. They have a rebuild plan and it WORKS. The arena is nice, and it's a lot older than ours. Honestly, the Thrashers better watch it... they're about enough to make me go "Farg the commitments I have keeping me down here" and send me back to the metro StL. At least I'd get fun hockey and baseball out of it.

And probably a payraise.


Wayne in AL said...

As much as it pains me to say it, next year may be the team's last in Atlanta. And like the situation with the Braves in 1965 or with the Flames in 1980, I think the fans and players know it, too.

Brian said...

In this economy and in Gary Bettman's NHL, moving the Thrashers is unlikely. Whether or not a success, Atlanta is a relatively larger city than most major US cities and has every sport covered. Smaller markets with less major league sports like Nashville should be more concerned.

And I say this not even mentioning that the Thrashers are signed to Philips Arena for a number of years down the road.

The only market that's truly ripe and ready for an NHL franchise is Kansas City. And if it's not an expansion, it will be the Islanders making their new home over there.

Laura said...

From what I heard, the pre-season game this year between the Kings and Blues pretty much drew Kings fans and Blues fans. And that was it... not a sellout and not a huge general turnout either.

But hey... maybe watching the wonder that are the NYIs might really pump them up. ;)

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