Monday, March 02, 2009

The first Thrashers Trade...

Nic Havelid to Jersey for prospect Anssi Salmela, a Finnish D-man who I am assuming will be on the Wolves for the rest of the season here. Best of luck to Havs. I've appreciated what he's done here for the past 3 seasons - he's helped develop Enstrom and he's always been a solid d-man even when we were lacking. Hopefully we can re-sign him in the summer.

Another trade could be pending if Eric Perrin has his way. After his whining to the Montreal press earlier this season and continued whining in the AJC today, if he doesn't get shipped out of here then he needs to be benched. He apparently doesn't realize that the reason his TOI has been dropping has been due to lack of output and willingness to try to be compatible with Anderson's system.

Anderson had this to say:

Thrashers coach John Anderson gave Perrin very little time with the team’s top scorers. Perrin had a stint with the second line early in the season. It didn’t last long.

“If you don’t have production, that’s the way it is,” Anderson said. “But again, I don’t think I was really relying on Eric to score 50 points this year. If he did, great, he would have had that opportunity.

“I love Eric Perrin. I really like him as a player. I’m not that concerned about his scoring production.”

Anderson was coaching the AHL’s Chicago Wolves last season when only Ilya Kovalchuk and Marian Hossa scored more points for the Thrashers than Perrin did. To Anderson, that season is history.

“The game is ruthless in the sense,” Anderson said. “It’s what have you done for me today?”

I know it probably sucked when Dupuis got shipped out, but Perrin has to remember that we gave him a chance after Tampa dumped him (after a crappy season like this one). He has the potential to be a decent point scorer, and that's what's been lacking this season. Maybe it's a conflict with the system, but to blame it on the whole organization? Eric, you've been part of the problem recently. You live in a glass house... put the rock down.


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