Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Good news for Friday.

We'll have players on the ice. Well, ok, SOME players. Like Kovy, Hainsey, and Bogosian. Boris is iffy, and Slater's a nay. This won't be a total Motown Murderfest (just like the kind they have at home) after all!

More news on the Bogosian hit. I know how this is how rumours get started, so DO NOT THINK THIS IS FACT. This's from the message boards and the statement hasn't been backed up by a link yet, so I'll post that when it's found. As of right now, I would take this with a grain of salt:

Here is what is going on concerning last nights pens/thrashers game. Betman’s office has asked for video to review. Other than the hit by Cooke on Bogosian, they will also look at Crosby’s high stick to Enstrom, Guerin’s stick to Boulton, and the big brawl. Waddell has made a call to Bettman to voice his displeasure. A report will be made by the officials and there will be an investigation of comments made by players and staff on both teams including threats from Atlanta towards Cooke, Malkin and Crosby, and comments made by Cooke and Crosby.

Apparently Bettman is not too happy about this going on the same night as Broduer’s big night. I don’t expect him to do anything about it though because it will only take attention away from the “good NHL news.”

Threats by us? I'm sure that if there were any said, then they were directed at Cooke after his hits. Why we'd say anything to Crosby and Malkin, I'm not sure. Of course, Ian White got away with making public threats against Kovy for a while, so I don't see this coming to anything. Because, well, unless someone makes a stupid sexual joke, a suspension or fine doesn't happen. Discipline in the league is a joke, regardless of what team you're a fan of.


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