Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Words cannot describe...

... how awesome last night was. Seriously, amazing stuff happened on the ice at Philips. Kari faced 50 (!) shots and stopped 49 - he had a shut out going until the last minute and a half or so. We wound up beating the Caps 5-1, denying Ovy the chance to score his 50th goal against us like he thought God had ordained. Heck, he was so ticked off last night he refused to speak to reporters. I love the guy, but I still find that entertaining.

You stick your left hand out...

Weirder yet is that we did this without Kovy, without Slater, and without Reasoner who hurt himself and missed the 3rd period (and who, like the other two, might not make the trip to Pittsburgh for tonight's game). Amazing hockey is being played now that we've dumped the dead weight and really have nothing left to play for but personal pride.

If Kovalchuk doesn't re-sign here after watching what's been going on, he is insane. Bring it on, Crosby and Malkin. We can take you.

Well, ok, Moose can take you, since he's starting tonight. At least the Pens fans still like the guy... I expect to hear some Moose calls in the Igloo tonight.


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