Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Anyone up for a Tweetup? is getting groups of fans together in cities (NHL or not) who tweet hockey to eat, drink, and tweet the first night of the NHL playoffs. Now, yes, this'll be extra special for me if the Blues make it, but... even though the Thrashers aren't in, we're all hockey fans here, right? DM me at @wazzupwitchu on Twitter if you're game. It'll be at the Philips Taco Mac. We could all get together, Tweet, and drink massive amounts of beer.

Some of the bigger cities are getting sponsors, having give-aways, and whatnot - since the Thrash aren't in I don't know how well that'd work, and since it's such short notice I don't know if Taco Mac could do anything for us or not. But... it'd still be fun to meet all of the Atlanta hockey bloggers/tweeters. Come on. You know you want to.

EDIT: Here's the link at the actual NHLTweetup site. One of the message boarders who was S-M-R-T and snagged the domain when the team didn't bother to might just make a snazzier, more official site for our Tweetup specifically. If you're interested in coming, please RSVP as a comment at the above link. Danke!


dj4aces said...

Just remember that not all of us live near Chastain :P

If you can pick a more central location, that would be awesome.

... then again, maybe I'm the only person on the southside.

Laura said...

Aaaaactually, I didn't think about this before, but I switched the location to the Philips Taco Mac, since that's probably the most central location for all of us...

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