Sunday, April 05, 2009

I hate rooting for the Wings and Hawks.

It makes me feel so dirty. But after last night's OTL to a rookie goalie and the Dallas Stars (who STILL got eliminated with a win - sorry, fellas), the Blues sit in 9th. We're tied with the Preds for points, so the Wings HAVE to win today. No one did us any favors, as the teams that needed to lose last night (Preds, Ducks, Oilers) all decided to be cute and win. We can go 2-1-0 in our last 3 for 90 points. But we're gonna need more than that. I just wish that we'd stop following Murphy's Law to the letter.

We have a couple of days for Mason to rest up, which is something he apparently needs... I don't like to say this, but the loss is on him to a large degree last night.


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