Monday, April 20, 2009

There is a perk for not going to the playoffs...

... at least you can play for your country at the World Championships. The Thrashers are extremely well represented, with five of 7 defensemen representing their nations - Salmela (Finland), Bogosian & Hainsey (USA), Enstrom (Sweden), and Valabik (Slovakia - and I really want to, just for fun at some point, see a Chara/Boris pairing).

Also playing are Colin Stuart (USA), Armstrong (Canada), and Kovalchuk (Russia). Why Little isn't playing for Canada is beyond me, frankly. Best of luck to the guys!


Sunshine36616 said...

I'm super excited about this! I'm very proud of our guys but wondering who I'll cheer for now with so much Thrasher talent on the teams!

Laura said...

I'll always cheer for Team USA, but Team Russia's going to be a blast to watch! I hope some of these games are on the NHL Network. :D

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