Friday, May 08, 2009


Yeah, yeah, I know that Jarmo Kekalainen got his contract extended for a few more years, thereby ensuring our drafting and prospect dominance (see such notables as Backes, Berglund, Bishop, Oshie, Johnson, Perron, Petro, and Polak for starters).

But this is far more important... David Backes saves puppies. Not only does he save them, he delivers them. He and his wife Kelly are now my favorite StL dog lovers. Sorry, TLR. You're leaving Pinero in an inning too long, and Backes being a hockey player just makes this better.

All together now... awwwwwwwww.

If you're in the St. Louis area and are in the market for a new, adorable Boxer best bud, some of the li'l guys are still in foster homes. Contact Stray Rescue of St. Louis for more info. How can you say no to these guys? Kudos to Mrs. Backes for picking the mom up - she saved their lives for sure.


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