Friday, May 01, 2009

Random posting.

I'm a bit overwhelmed with prepping my heathens for AP reviews, but stuff has happened hockey wise. Kovy is currently #2 in scoring at the WCs. Berglund beat the combined forces of Oshie and Backes a few days back. And someone tried to kill Toby Enstrom. He had surgery to repair a facial fracture after getting checked into the boards during Sweden's 3-2 loss to Latvia. Thankfully, it wasn't the orbital bone that was broken, but he did lose some teeth. Waddell mentioned that it's not too bad, but I'm sure that Toby'd appreciate some get well soon wishes.

The always amazing Falconer has a 2 part interview with The Don up at BWA. As usual, he just goes to prove how much better our blogging community is over our press coverage.

Finally, I have been asked to stir up stuff over at the 'Nucks/'Hawks mini blog at Cycle Like the Sedins.

Pictures of a weeping Eddie Belfour in 3... 2...


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