Monday, June 15, 2009

Oui Oui Dupuis!

From HockeyWildnerness (originally from a TwitPic twittered by The PensBlog)... a close-up of Pascal Dupuis' new celebratory tattoo! Congrats to the Pens and congrats to everyone's favorite former Thrasher - I'm very glad that he found a home in Pittsburgh and a Cup to match. He's got a killer work ethic and gives 110% (and yes, I am still upset DW included him in the trade instead of Perrin...), and totally deserves that ring.


And, well, any team that beats Detroit is a friend of mine.

Pascal Dupuis shows off his new tattoo. Good for Pascal! - Hockey Wilderness


vancitycanuck said...

I agree on teams beating Detroit being friends of mine also. It was so sweet to see them lose...and since I liked the Pens, even better.

Solid tattoo Dupuis.

aaron said...

That's awesome for Dupes. I've seen that pic about a half-dozen times with no realization that was him.

I, too, would like to have seen Perrin go in the Hossa deal, but winning the cup couldn't have happened to a better French-Canadian.

Irony alert: the word cap on this comment is "cesse." My 2 years of naptim... high school french tell me that means "stop." There's an existential question to ponder...

Laura said...

LOL. Perhaps Blogger is trying to tell you... naah.

I'm actually happier for Dupuis than I am for the rest of the Pens... I love it when I see a role-player get what he deserves.

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