Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Confirming what (most) Thrashers fans already know...

And Moose says NO.

And stated for truth at PuckDaddy - Johan Hedberg: Shootout God. According to, he holds the league all-time record for SV% in shootouts at .820. That's 11 goals allowed on 61 shots. Fear the pokecheck! He also leads with winning percentage at .800, or 12-3.

Check your "that looks like his regular season SV%" jokes at the door. Hedberg had a good one for back-up goalies (as well as a decent GAA) until he signed with the defensive black hole that were the Thrashers for a while, he was the only goalie who managed to have a winning record last season, and posted a .928 SV% in the 2 playoff games he played for the Thrashers in 2007 with a 2.56 GAA. Compare with Kari's .849 SV% and a 5.59 GAA.

Some people have an irrational love of Kari, and that is fine. I know Hedberg's flaws, but sorry - he's still my fave Thrasher hands down. He might not be the best, but that's never been a qualifying factor for me.


Wayne stuck in AL said...

So why does Bob Hartley pull him out of a game in Philly back in 2006 and send in Lehtonen for the shootout? (I never forgave Hartley for that.)

Laura said...

Oh, God that was so stupid. Never ever ever pull a hot goalie and put one in cold in a shoot out. I don't care if it was Kari in and Anderson pulled him to put in Hedberg - I would throw a conniption fit that they would hear in San Juan.

Singnals3 said...
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