Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kari Injury Update

Wow, that's a post title I would never imagine I would type.


Anywho, Lehtonen had back surgery a week or two ago after signing his contract (understandable, and I'm guessing DW knew this was coming) to repair a herniated disk that happened during his flu bout. This had nothing to do with conditioning or his groin, but does not prevent it from being just as frustrating as it always is. It coming so close to the beginning of camp and the start of the season is, though, extremely concerning. Who starts the season? Will Kari be good to go? Is Pavelec ready yet? How many games will this cost us, and will it keep us out of the playoffs? *sigh* As the Goalie Turns, live from Philips Arena.

Waddell expects Kari to be good to play at camp - he should be rehabbed in 4 weeks, and camp is the first week of September. This is encouraging, but what if he doesn't heal on schedule? What if he tweaks it at camp? I want him to be healthy. I want him to play a full season and play out of his mind. I WANT TO MAKE THE PLAYOFFS. We can't do it without him. Kari fan or not, you have to admit that a healthy Kari is necessary, which is why I get so frustrated when something happens to him.


Lauren said...

Like I said, I want to send him a "Get Well Soon Turkey Cheeseburger" and maybe a thigh master for good measure, lol.

Maybe he should train with Cirque du Soleil performers in the off-season - learn how to be bendy without hurting himself.

Laura said...

Careful - that Thighmaster might make 'SplodeyGroin miss the rest of the season.

Singnals3 said...

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