Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Schedule Thoughts.

I'm cool with the Blues' schedule despite the fact that there's an absurd gap in the amount of time we play a Central Division rival... well over a month between the 2nd game against Detroit and our 1st game against Chicago.

The Thrashers' schedule is *weird*. What is up with the gap between home games to start the season? October 3rd to October 22nd? No home games between the 22nd and the 7th? Uh, that's Christmas and New Year's break for a lot of people. The Olympics have made the NHL's schedule trunicated for February, so we have 17 games in March... 12 of them (!) and home. I like the concept of 12 home games in a month, but dude - that's about a quarter of all of our home games in ONE MONTH'S TIME.

Finally, we close against the Pens. Did someone not get that memo that it's fun to win the home closer? Can we not pencil in Tampa Bay or something like we usually do?


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