Sunday, August 02, 2009

30 Teams in 30 Days

"Ok, ok, I GIVE. Uncle! I'll re-sign if you will just shut these people up!" is apparently as bored with the offseason as we are. They're highlighting a different team each month on the site, and today's the Thrashers' turn. There's the usual "OMG we need to fix stuff or Kovy's gone!" article, and then there's a really interesting, kind of awesome feature on Slava. He has been playing better with us than he did with Detroit. There had been some discussion on the Thrashers boards about if, when Slava retires, we need to retire his number. This should put people in the "yes" camp big time.

There's also an article on Puck Daddy about the state of Kovy. Honest to God, before Nash's contract extension with Columbus, there wasn't nearly this amount of freaking out. No one mentions the sorry state (generally) of that franchise. They have a lifetime losing record too. They've never won a playoff game. But, aside from the attempts to get him to go to Toronto, there was no media freak out, and Nash re-signed. Yes, Columbus has done a better job of trying to get their team on a winning gameplan than we have, but considering the squad that they've had a few years, and their lack of ability to win, well, they have less of an excuse than we do.


Wayne stuck in AL said...

The bitter queens of the Toronto hockey media just want Atlanta to fail in the worst way...

Kovy DOES stay in Atlanta through the season (barring a first-half meltdown by the team which could happen considering their schedule).

Mortimer Peacock said...

Columbus is cold and miserable.

Atlanta isn't.

Also, one should never underestimate the capacity for groupthink in the press. It's actually rare for anyone in any kind of media to even slightly question the consensus.

And the consensus here is that Atlanta sucks and Columbus doesn't quite because shut up that's why.

Singnals3 said...
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