Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thanks, Mr. Bradley

Not just for the linkage, but for sticking up for Thrashers fans. I completely agree with everything in Mark Bradley's latest editorial. We don't have a HUGE fan base, but the fans that we have are loyal, pretty knowledgeable (a lot of us come from other hockey towns, and apparently a lot of Southerners are quick studies - kudos to you!), and are a sucker for an underdog. Yes, we're disappointed by the record almost every year, but we always find something to enjoy about the team. Just because 99% of hockey writers failed to mention our 5 20+ goal scorers doesn't mean that we didn't notice. Some people think it's all underground to name Zach Bogosian as one of the top young defensemen in the league. We know it's a fact, and we toss in Toby Enstrom to boot. We get to see Kovalchuk every day on and off the ice, and continue to be impressed at how he refuses to throw us under the bus every single time someone asks him about contract disputes.

There're some issues, sure. But there's actually a lot to like if some would just give us a chance.


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