Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Why isn't it even TRAINING CAMP YET?

God, I hate August in the hockey world.

Anyway, the AJC had yet another article on the Kovy contract kerfluffle, and it basically says what the other ones have said: offers have been tossed back and forth, things are going well, and Don Waddell is optimistic that a deal will get done before the season begins.

About the only thing I can take away from this is that Kovalchuk wants to negotiate with us, which leads me to believe that he would really prefer to stay here and help the team contend, not bolt for a ready made team like Hossa did.

“I was with Kovy at a [Hawks] game,” co-owner Michael Gearon Jr. said. “I was asking him, ‘What to you think about our team and what do you think we need?’ I’ve never seen him be so optimistic. I think he felt like we made some moves around the trade deadline and the players just clicked."

Yay, optimism! Careful, Kovy - we all had that at the beginning of last season, too. Of course, this year there are lots more things to be positive about, and hopefully a new contract is one of them. I'm mildly optimistic.


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