Thursday, October 22, 2009

Possible good news this month?

This month has been atrocious for just about everyone that I know, and absolutely nothing has gone right. Well, look forward to some happy news tomorrow.

According to, Kovy is close to signing a deal with the Thrashers that will give him the max salary allowed under the CBA, $11.3 million a year. Apparently it's a nine year extension that will wind up paying him $100 million for the rest of his career in Atlanta.

I have NO clue how true this is, since RDS's site is in French, but look at it this way - even if it's NOT true, at least it's a positive rumor about the Thrashers re-signing of Kovalchuk. After watching him tear it up so far, if I get wind that this deal's done tomorrow, I can probably die happy.

Well, ok... the Blues and Thrashers each have to win the Cup, and then I can die happy.


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