Monday, November 16, 2009

Food for thought.

I am NOT in the "Fire Andy Murray" corner. I wasn't even in the "Fire Bob Hartley" corner. I think that our issues are a combo of the coach and the young guns still thinking they're too cool for school, and a definite communication issue between the two.

But check out these comments from Kings fans when we hired AM, and compare them to what we're saying now. And then take into consideration what Two Line Pass posted in this week's "What We Learned:"

Murray also gave David Perron a talking-to after a game earlier this week because he took a high-sticking penalty. That game was also the one in which Perron had a hat trick. Murray told him he was being selfish. True story.

Wait... what? How does that encourage anyone, let alone the player who is probably the Blues' best forward right now? Will Perron EVER fully get out of the doghouse, and does that lend some credence to what Berglund has said in recent interviews - that he's scared to play because he's scared to mess up? If you get reamed for a hat trick, well then jeebus. What happens when you have a bad game?

Let me rephrase that: what happens when you have a bad game and you're a kid?

Yeah, never had to ask that question about one of my teams' coaches before. Uh huh.


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