Friday, November 13, 2009

Kovy's Back; Tell a Friend!

Kovy's apparently ok. A goal and two assists marked his first game back since October 24th, where he took a puck off of the foot. He's got a little ways to go to catch up with the Thrashers' leading scorer with 20 points, Rich Peverley. Pevs also potted a goal and a couple assists as accessories. A convincing 5-3 win by the Thrashers helped Hedberg's GAA go down to 2.77, and his SV% go up to .917. Remember what I've always crowed about - how Hedberg's stats would be better if he had a better team in front of him (and how they dropped off when he came to ATL)? Gosh, apparently that was true.

Pavelec should start tonight at home when we play the Kings, who apparently come to Atlanta once every 7 years or something. I'm looking forward to seeing Kovy play again - the games have slipped into snooze-mode at home without him.

Here's also hoping that we get a good crowd tonight to balance out the 17 people who were there for the BJs (that read worse than I meant it) and the small-ish crowd we had for the Blues game on Sunday. The Thrashers are 8-6-1. There's not a single reason for this game to not have people in attendance. We're GOOD THIS YEAR. We're currently 2 points out of a playoff spot, and we've still played the fewest games in the league, along with the Flyers and Sabres, who only have 4 points on us. We're contenders, and we're getting magnetic schedules tonight. Come on, people. Show up.


Wayne stuck in AL said...

The announced crowd tonight was 15,000+; as you know, the announced crowd will be bigger than the turnstile count...

I had written other Thrasher bloggers (and AJC writers) that the NHL could be conspiring to keep attendance low: the Thrashers are in the middle of a stretch with THREE straight Sunday pm home games in a row...right during NFL season!

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