Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Quick kudos to Poutine.

Om nom nom nom.

No, not the wonderful food, but David Perron. Frenchie scored his first career hat trick last night in the 6-1 route of the Canucks that happened at Scottrade, and that just about all of StL couldn't see thanks to a Versus blackout.


At least I'm out of the metro area, so I could watch the game... looks like our drought is over for now. I mean, Boyes scored. Bradley Boyes found the net. That should summarize it for you right there. That, and there were four fights, two of which involved Cam Smash. All in all, this was the most fun I've had watching a game so far this season. Thursday night is a bout against the Preds. This is doable, though I'm not expecting a high scoring bout.

Our top line of Perron-McDonald-Boyes were responsible for five goals and 10 points. I think this works. Murray's been consistent in who he is pairing with who on that line, and the new kid line of Eller-Berglund-Oshie, who also looked good for the night. Kariya, though... wow. Get on the ball, buddy, seriously. He had a few good shots, but when will he get onto the scoresheet again?


Wayne stuck in AL said...

PLEASE...As a native Southerner: Don't show that picture again!!!

Jared said...

What he said. I just suddenly got REALLY hungry...

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Wayne stuck in AL said...

What you didn't understand is that I think poutine is GROSS...

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