Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Been kinda quiet over the hollidays.

I've been letting my brain veg out the past week and a half, to be sure. Yes, I've been watching and no, I haven't found anything from my two teams' performances worth writing about. It's the holidays. I don't need to be more depressed than I already am.

But this doesn't depress me. This just pisses me off.

According to Andy Strickland over at Hockeybuzz.com (I know, I know), Erik Johnson's a healthy scratch for the Blues tonight. Ok, yeah, he hasn't been playing as well as he usually does, but neither has the whole team. Murray chooses to single out the youngest defenseman as an "example?" And just when I had faith in the fact that he was going to apply the same standards to the vets by sitting Sydor's slow self the past few games... *sigh*

Yep. Home game. Nashville. This won't end well.


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