Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Contest alert!!

My website name's Wazzupwitchu after a horrible Eddie Murphy song - you know the one, the video with him and Arsenio Hall just running around saying "Wazzupwitchu!" as flowers fall from a bright blue sky background... holy God, how do I remember that crap? I gave it that name way back in 2004 when it was my general interest blog, which oddly enough, I lost interest in.

I didn't want to leave a perfectly good Blogger account lying about, so I switched it to what's here today - all Blues and Thrashers stuff. Which might be, quite possibly, the oddest combo since Vancity Canuck and her random mix of Bolts and 'Nucks. It's a fun site, I suppose, but I'm getting tired of explaining the cracked out name to people. That, and I blog on a few sites, and if I'm going to put a link to my site on a bio page, I'd like for it to have a modicum of professionalism. Or something.

That being said, I'd like a new name, but am craptastic at thinking of them. Suggestions in the comments, please, but try to make them not specific to one team or the other. The winner of the contest gets a link to your blog (if not already linked). If linked already, um... you'll get the pride of renaming one of the least important hockey blogs on the 'net.

If that's not an incentive, I really don't know what is.


Sunshine36616 said...

If you want to rep both teams in the name, how about some form of Blue Bird...Blue Bird of hockiness or something.
Not very fierce sounding I guess lol

Laura (aka Hildymac) said...

And a brown thrasher or a WC Handy song is? :)

toni said...

im thinking: "beyond bluesland"

Laura (aka Hildymac) said...

Just to remind me... Jim suggested "Thrashing the Blues," which considering how things are going now... well...

vancitycanuck said...

I like my random mix of Bolts and Nucks. Some guy on my transit ride home after the Canucks/Caps game went on and on about how the two teams are geographical opposites...thanks guy on bus, tell me something I don't know.
The Blues and Thrashers don't seem like such a weird combo that you'd have to split them apart, I wish I could do that with mine.

But I do like Thrashing the Blues as a blog name, it's not super original, but it has a nice ring to it.

Laura (aka Hildymac) said...

Wow - nice geography lesson. Gah. The Thrash and Blues tend to remind me of each other in the team make-up being so young, and with both teams still rebuilding.

I might have to go with "Thrashing the Blues." It can be taken in so many ways... positive and negative, depending on how the teams are doing.

vancitycanuck said...

The worst part about the transit guys is he says "you probably only like Lecavalier because you think he's cute".

Seriously? Because he's cute? I just about lost it, but then remembered I am on transit, in the suburbs (on the way to visit my parents) and the guy was a loser.

He was also a Red Wings fan, not to stereotype or anything..

Laura (aka Hildymac) said...

It's ok. Stereotyping of the Wings and their fans is perfectly allowed.

Vinny just because he's cute? God, that stuff ticks me off. I hate it when guys think that I just follow hockey because some player's hot or something. It just really chafes me.

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