Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Interesting note.

Copied and pasted from my new post over at Hendrick's Hockey because this chair is making my back cramp (and I want to watch MST3K before the Blues play Detroit), and in honor of Moose Hedberg starting tonight, a fun fact:

Speaking of Moose, a quick look at the league leaderboard for goalies puts him second in the league with a .933SV% - it's possible that he could be number one in the league if he turns in a good performance tonight and Miller doesn't. He's also 5th in GAA with a 2.16 - again, the league leader Miller has a 1.90. Hedberg has never lead the league in both categories at once this far into the season. He's having an outstanding year, getting lots of playing time, and is making the case for an extension on that contract. Honestly, if we dump Kari and MacIntyre isn't ready to come up next season, I would not pitch a fit if we re-sign the Moose.
Hoo! Best of luck tonight - I want to see your name at the top of one of those columns tomorrow, Moose.


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