Sunday, December 13, 2009

Thank you for the birthday gift, Kovy.

The Thrashers took care of the Habs last night in overtime, 4-3 - which was played shorthanded by the Habs thanks to Glen Metropolit and a stupidly timed penalty. Montreal's powerplay was on a 637-for-637 kill streak or something absurd like that. Not anymore.

BTW, I do have to give kudos to Carey Price for a couple of amazing glove saves last night that totally robbed us of two goals. It wasn't enough, though.

The team looked a lot peppier and more aggressive than they have while they were on the road trip. Bogosian's fight against Lapierre was definitely about two weeks of frustration coming out, and he completely destroyed the diminutive forward. No one could be accused of loafing on the ice last night... perhaps it might have been the sizeable crowd last night and the fact that they were not all Habs fans. Kovy, in his post game interview, thanked the fans and mentioned how nice it was to win for a crowd like this.

Come on, people, take a hint.


Wayne stuck in AL said...

On the highlights on, the CBC-produced telecast showed several people wearing Montreal jerseys...HTF did they wind up in Atlanta, Georgia???

Believe it or not, we outshot MTL 34-19...and STILL had to go to OT!

Finally, this dig at Thrasher attendance from the AP:

"The reported attendance at Philips Arena was 16,616."

Laura (aka Hildymac) said...

Hey, that's pretty damn good attendance for us, especially since Philips only seats, what, 18K? The Bell Centre's capacity's bigger than ours is anyway.

The fact that we outshot them blew my mind, but very frustrating we still had to go to OT. That was all on Price. The kid plays better when he's not in Montreal. Getting them out of his head and getting out of that city could save his career.

I was wondering why the Habs fans were down here too. If I were from Montreal, I think that I'd stay put. It's a beautiful city. Maybe they're just a bunch of snow-birds on their way down to Miami. They overrun that town this time of the year something terrible!

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