Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Gee, can we make it an even 10?

For the first time this season, I'm dragging my feet about going to a game. The Thrashers end this horrible road trip and play the Rangers at home tomorrow, and... well... this should be entertaining.

They played horribly last night. They've played horribly (for the most part) for over a month, and no changes have been made. No tweaking the lines. No change of strategy. It's just stagnant, and it's creating a Vortex of Suck that is going to be hard to get out of.

Antropov was hurt last night, so The Todd was centering Kovy and Max, and as a result was seen chasing after them all night to try to get into position. I have a serious problem promoting White to the top line over Peverley. Inappropriate and God awful analysis of player chemistry (if The Todd even has chemistry with anyone this season - signs point to no) on Anderson's part.

Armstrong was atrocious last night. Goal two was followed by this tweet from The PensBlog: "Colby Armstrong is an idiot." They adore Army still in Pitts, but even they can see he's increasingly out of position and making bad play decisions.

We have the pieces to succeed, but the line parings and mismatched defensive combos are sucking the life out of the team and are creating a cycle of frustration and apathy. Just put the guys back where they were to start the season (you know, when we were winning), and see if they can re-work out of this funk. Might as well, because sticking with these line combinations is NOT working.

Get Bogosian and Enstrom back together. Place Kubina with Hainsey. Hainsey's too busy "mentoring" and giving Bogosian orders to allow Zach to play like he needs to, and I'm pretty sure he's getting tired of it. They have the worst +/- of the pairings. Kubina and Hainsey are on the same level as far as seniority go, and they were on the same page. Why in the world Anderson insists on keeping things together that do NOT work is beyond my comprehension skills. This whole throwing stuff at a wall to see if it sticks thing? It's not bologna. It's not sticking.


aaron said...

Make it 10?

Don't give them any ideas!

Laura (aka Hildymac) said...

I'm hoping for reverse psychology on this one. I'd love to see us break our uberloss streak on the back of the Rags.

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