Saturday, January 16, 2010

I question The Hockey News sometimes.

Moreso when they start questioning the HHOF qualifications of the 4th leading goalie in games won of all time.* Kay earns no bonus points by calling Ferderko just another nice guy who hasn't won squat. Apparently he hasn't bothered to look at stats or research the impact that these players have had on their franchise. If we wanted to honor a nice guy who hasn't won squat, the Blues would have built a statue to Garth Butcher. Do we have one of those? No. Does Bernie? Yes.

If I wanted to read opinion without any facts to try to validate it, I'd read one of the dumb "ZOMG!!!!!111!!!" style reports from the Bleacher Report, ok?

*Yes, I know he's tied with Gump Worsley for most losses, but you know what? Gump's in the HHOF too.


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