Saturday, January 09, 2010

Not going to dignify that with a blog post.

That game doesn't deserve my time, since it apparently didn't deserve the Thrashers'. What I will post instead is this *fascinating* text message exchange between Darren Dreger and Don Waddell.

When asked, via text message if Atlanta has alerted teams of its intent to trade Kovalchuk, Waddell replied, "not yet."

TSN followed up by asking Waddell if he has discussed the possibility with other NHL teams and the veteran general manager responded, "getting closer."

Well, WOW there on that one. You know, I have seriously hit the point that I DON'T CARE. Re-sign him. That would be great. I would be happy. But re-sign him and teach him defensive responsibility and how the hell to backcheck. I'd prefer a re-signing, because I know that if one doesn't happen we've waited too long to trade him for a decent price - no one wants to spend a ton on a rental for 2 and a half months who won't re-sign with that team.

Waddell's worked with Kovy and Grossman long enough. This hemming and hawing has forced a giant black cloud of uncertainty over the team, and it's very obvious when you watch them play. Not only that, but by dragging this out for so long, the team's been screwed out of getting anything decent in return.

I actually can't blame Waddell here. He knows that Kovy isn't worth league max (he would have to be a 2 way player to justify that), and that if he's given that, we can't re-sign other key pieces, thereby further messing up this team.

Honestly, I blame Grossman, and to a lesser degree, Kovy. He probably does want to stay - if he really does, he needs to grow a pair and just TELL his agent to get this done.

I was watching warm-ups today for the first time in a while - wasn't in the CNN Center for dinner because I was warned about the influx of North Georgians for some muddin' in the Dome - and some kid had a "Kovy, Stay!" sign. Kovalchuk shot a puck right at it on purpose. He knows we want him here, and I took that to mean he'd like to be here too.


Wayne stuck in AL said...

Just get rid of Kill-ya, please.

Sunshine36616 said...

God what a horrible game. I think I might all the post for this game "Pictures of hot Caps Players...and Ovechkin." Because that's about all I got from that game. I barely took any pictures of the 3rd period...why bother????
One cool thing, did you see Ovie blow the stick right out of Pavs hand??

Laura (aka Hildymac) said...

Ok, that part was pretty bad ass. I couldn't tell if Ovie blasted the stick out of his hand or if Pavs flung it to block the puck, but that was the highlight of the game.


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