Monday, January 04, 2010

Ow, Walt.

Just an update on Keith Tkachuk, who took a TJ Oshie slap shot off of the face to score the Blues 3rd (and final) goal in the 6-3 loss to the Blackhawks Saturday night - it hurt. A lot. Walt lost several teeth and had to undergo extensive oral surgery. It's unsure when he'll return. Thankfully nothing's broken, but to anyone who doubted that he's one of the toughest guys in hockey still, you get hit in the face with a puck and skate off under your own free will. Good lord, I'd still be lying on the ice.

According to Bob McKenzie, the Blues have placed center Yan Stastny on re-entry waivers from Peoria, presumably to replace Tkachuk. Payne apparently subscribes to the "replace like with like" adage that Andy Murray subscribed to.


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